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BIC Seatbelt Position BIC Seatbelt Position (510 KB)

Read the BIC policy position on schoobus seatbelts, based on our analysis of the safety record of school bus services in Australia.

Moving People Full Report Moving People Full Report (3012 KB)

 Moving People: Solutions for a Growing Australia presents a Moving People Strategy developed by the BIC in conjunction with the Australasian Railways Association and International Association for Public Transport, Australia and New Zealand.


Industry Related Research

Seatbelt Retrofitting Guidelines Seatbelt Retrofitting Guidelines (269 KB)

Seatbelt retrofitting guidelines for heavy vehicles from the National Transport Commission.

School Bus Safety Risk Assessment Guidelines School Bus Safety Risk Assessment Guidelines (69 KB)

National guidelines for school bus safety risk assessment.

Internal Bus Safety Measures Internal Bus Safety Measures (814 KB)

An investigation of internal bus safety measures from AustRoads.

Deliberations of NSW Bus Safety Working Group Deliberations of NSW Bus Safety Working Group (996 KB)

The deliberations of the NSW Bus Safety Working Group lad by Dr Abe Saffron.

Drug Alcohol Guidelines Drug Alcohol Guidelines (37 KB)

Guidelines relating to drug and alcohol programs for bus operators (NSW).


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