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Why we do the things we do

The BIC mandate is to ensure that the business interests in our industry are protected and to actively advocate for better and increased public transport and school services, growth in tour, charter, long distance and other commercial bus and coach services and increased infrastructure funding.

Much of what we do here at the BIC is to make sure that governments keep our moving people task at “top of mind” when they are making policy decisions about transport, our cities and regions and how money is spent.

Our aim is to keep growing the “public transport pie” so that buses and coaches move more passengers and provide more and more bus services and see the tourism, charter and commercial side of bus and coach businesses grow. This has a direct impact on the profitability and viability of operators, manufacturers, component suppliers and professional services to the bus and coach industry.

As part of our daily tasks here at the BIC we are charged with making sure that the bus and coach industry continues to have a major role in national and state planning for our Australian communities, cities and regional centres. We also put a lot of effort into the “on the ground” issues – both technical and operational – that impact the day to day business of bus operators, manufacturers and suppliers.

One message, many voices

The core strength of the bus and coach industry, and what sets it aside from others, is the unity of the businesses within it. Membership with the Bus Industry Confederation puts your business in the picture and makes it a part of an industry effort to have our voice heard by governments and the wider community.

Our moving people vision

Our vision is to enhance the sustainability and liveability of Australia’s cities and regions by moving people using bus and coach transportation. We aim to do this by representing the collective interests of our Members and to assist them in promoting the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of bus and coach transport in Australia.

Our moving people objectives

  • Encourage investment in public transport infrastructure and services.
  • Promote policies and actions that are environmentally responsible.
  • Promote the development of a viable and improved bus and coach industry in Australia.
  • Foster and promote a viable Australian bus manufacturing industry.
  • Protect the business interests of operators, manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Promote public understanding of the contribution made by the bus and coach industry to Australia’s economy, society and environment.
  • Ensure the accessibility and mobility needs of Australians are met, regardless of where they live or their circumstances.
  • Promote the use of public transport as a viable alternative to the car.
  • Coordinate and make more effective existing Federal, State and Local Government policies and programs that relate to passenger transport.
  • Ensure that buses and coaches operate safely and effectively.