• A majority of Australians would like to see existing road usage charges, such as fuel excises and vehicle registration fees, replaced with charges more directly linked to the distance and time of day that they travel.  
  • Seven out of ten Australians support the replacement of existing fuel excises with a charge based on distance driven.
  • Six in ten people surveyed said they would be willing to pay five cents for every kilometre they drive in capital cities during the weekday peak periods in return for removal of registration fees.
  • An end to registration fees was supported by 70 percent of Victorians, while the number was 63 percent in Queensland and South Australia, and 55 percent in New South Wales.
  • Australians are now more confident about the future provision of transport infrastructure and services by local and national authorities than they were in 2015.
  • The short-term transport confidence index for local transport is now at 85, compared to 63 in March 2018 and 44 in September 2015.
  • The long-term confidence index for Australian transport also increases to 83 from 74 in the first quarter of this year.