• Australians are looking forward to self-driving cars but are unlikely to share their vehicles with other travellers contrary to predictions made by transport experts and the motor industry.
  • Road congestion in our major cities is unlikely to ease with the arrival of self-drive cars and could be worse than it is today.
  • One in four survey participants said they would buy a self-drive car for family use if they were available but only one-third of these adopters would lease their vehicles to other travellers when it was not in use.
  • Forty percent of participants said that they would probably use their cars more as travelling became easier while more than thirty percent said they would use their car rather than use some public transport.
  • No survey participants expected their daily travel to remain the same in the driver-less era.
  • Australians have steadily regained confidence in their local transport services but this is still a long way from the high recorded in September 2013.