Seat Suppliers Group

McConnell Seats Australia

McConnell Seats Australia manufacture and sell seat systems for luxury coaches, day charter/school bus, urban buses and rail/light rail systems. Their commitments to quality and safety have made McConnell Seats Australia a very well-known name in Australia and New Zealand.

SEGE Asia Pacific

Under the visionary leadership of its CEO, Sege Seats Asia Pacific has established themselves as an international supplier and distributor of premium seating solutions to over 40 countries globally. 

Sege Seats continually adapts to the ceaselessly evolving automotive industry by incorporating innovative technological advancements. Their commitment to progress is evidenced in their coveted (IATF 16949 2016) quality management certificate – a testament to their dedication to customer-focused productivity, ensuring both quality and sustainability.

StyleRide Seating Systems

Styleride are manufacturers of world class bus and coach seats. They are dedicated to providing the very best solutions for clients’ bus and coach seating requirements. Styleride supplies high quality bus and coach seats for all Australian & importing bus and coach manufacturers as well as retrofit companies.