eBulletin | May 2024 | Winning really isn’t everything

The old cliché about just taking part rings true.

Industry awards are designed to do many things, at the top of which is the chance to celebrate your team’s achievements and reward hard work, boosting morale and motivation in the process. They are also credibility-building, putting you in high esteem when it comes to attracting new recruits and retaining existing employees.

Awards can help boost your organisation’s reputation and help you stand out from the crowd. It’s this trust and credibility that differentiate your business from your competitors, recognising it as a potential leader in the industry.

With our own industry’s recruitment and retention challenges, it’s good to know that appearing at the top of the market can attract a vital calibre of experienced staff wanting to work for a recognised leader that potentially offers better growth and security prospects. The same can be said about current employees when you look after them and acknowledge their efforts.

With this in mind, the BIC Council launched a new suite of national industry awards this year that reflect the diversity of our great industry, which include…

  • National Achiever Award (sponsored by Australian Bus and Coach)
  • National Safety Award (sponsored by NHVR)
  • National Environment and Innovation Award (sponsored by Energy Australia)
  • National Outstanding Contribution Award
  • National Supplier of the Year Award
  • National Operator of the Year Award
  • National Driver of the Year Award
  • National Apprentice/Trainee of the Year

Award nominations are now open

All nominators and nominees must be a current financial member of BIC or a member state association (QBIC, TasBus, BusNSW, BusSA and BusWA). Apply online today >>

And if you also happen to want to see your company’s name up in lights, consider sponsoring one of the awards.

The National Industry Awards will be presented at this year’s National Conference in November, to be held in Hobart. I can’t wait to see some truly outstanding award winners!

Roz Chivers
Executive Director, BIC