eBulletin | May 2024 | Bus Safety Working Group

Recently, the Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts (DITRDCA) set up a Bus Safety Working Group to further improve safety at the regulatory level. Selected by government, the group comprises members from federal, state and territory governments, as well as the Bus Industry Confederation and key industry experts.

The mandate of the Bus Safety Working Group crosses an expansive range of topics that were raised by government, along with the issues raised in the Bus Industry Confederation’s Bus Safety Initiatives Paper.

Each topic is being progressively addressed by the committee in a series of workshops to be held over the next 12 months. These include:

  • Improving and harmonizing seat belt requirements
  • Added seat belt signage and usage reminder systems
  • Event data recorder requirements practical for buses (under review as a future ADR)
  • Standardizing bus door safety (interlock and pressure sensing systems)
  • Updating regulations supporting fit-out of bus driver safety screens (where installed)

The first of these workshops has just started concentrating on reviewing ADR 68 for seats and seat belts, while another focusses on driver safety screens. We will continue to share progress and provide opportunity for comment as each topic is addressed.

While the representatives are largely set by government, the Bus Industry Confederation highly encourages representative recommendations and any other feedback relating to the above mentioned issues.

Your view is important – please feel free to reach out.