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Policy Thinkers Series [2] Moving People > Sustainable transport in Australian cities: targeting vehicle kilometres of travel

Overall urban densities in our cities need to increase by 50-100 per cent over the next 30- 40 or so years, with allowance for local circumstances. This will enable greater availability of local services, including local public transport. Minimum density targets of about 35 people plus jobs per hectare should be adopted in land use/transport strategies/plans for our cities, to both support development of 20 minute neighbourhoods and provide an effective market for local and trunk public transport.This Paper takes a unique approach to understanding the challenges of Australian cities and the interrelationship between land use strategies and reducing vehicle

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Policy Thinkers Series [1] Moving People > Pricing opportunities for Australia: Paying our way inland transport

Pricing is the hot button issue in the infrastructure and transport policy space. Paying our way for the use of our roads is the key to ensuring that infrastructure gets built when and where it is needed. The BIC supports the development of a comprehensive user pays system for all road users that is based on the costs of maintaining and building roads and externalities related to driving that will generate future revenue to fund infrastructure and pay for better public transport services. Download Policy Paper 1 Download

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