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Bus Breakdown Guide to heavy vehicle safety

One of the most common hazards in the bus and coach industry is the on-road safety risks presented by a bus breakdown or malfunction. While breakdowns can occur in all motor vehicles, the risks associated with bus breakdowns, where the vehicle is carrying public passengers and often schoolchildren, can be significant. Data from the bus and coach sector reveals that the majority of serious injuries and fatalities occur not within the bus but rather on the road where passengers alighting from a bus can be hit by other vehicles. There is also the potential of multiple fatalities from a collision

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Proof that buses are safer and greener

Bus industry ticks all the boxes on safety with a low environmental footprint. A major report from the Bus Industry Confederation provides a decade of evidence-based data on the industry’s safety and emissions record. The report is an important snapshot of the bus industry and its contribution to Australia’s economy, social well-being, city liveability and the governments ‘green’ agenda. Australian governments need to recognise that buses are still the number-one public transport provider for workers and students. The industry report opens with a decade of data on the bus manufacturing and supply sector pointing to a strong sector that produces

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Industry desperate for workers

Employers in the bus industry desperate for workers. The growth in public transport patronage over the past 4 decades has required more buses on the road and more drivers. A major industry report released by the Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) takes a deep dive on the operational task of keeping buses moving on our roads and examines the growth in patronage and passenger vehicle kilometre data over the last decade. The industry currently employs more than 85,000 Australians with an estimated 60,000 in this workforce undertaking the daily task of safely transporting scores of workers and students each day. However,

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