Bus Breakdown Guide to heavy vehicle safety

One of the most common hazards in the bus and coach industry is the on-road safety risks presented by a bus breakdown or malfunction. While breakdowns can occur in all motor vehicles, the risks associated with bus breakdowns, where the vehicle is carrying public passengers and often schoolchildren, can be significant.

Data from the bus and coach sector reveals that the majority of serious injuries and fatalities occur not within the bus but rather on the road where passengers alighting from a bus can be hit by other vehicles. There is also the potential of multiple fatalities from a collision between a moving vehicle and a stationary bus or repair vehicle.

These risks increase significantly in rural and regional Australia where a combination of highspeed roads, often with single lanes and high volumes of other heavy vehicle traffic, present additional safety issues. Road infrastructure in rural areas is generally poorer which, when combined with fog, wet weather and geographical features can produce significant hazards for bus passengers and motorists in the event of a bus breakdown.

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