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Submission_3rd_5_Year_Review_ATS Submission_3rd_5_Year_Review_ATS (658 KB)

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National Heavy Vehicle Regulator


The National Transport Commission

Accessible Transport Standards

Australian Apprenticeships Scheme

National Remote and Regional Transport Strategy

The draft national remote and regional transport strategy has been developed by an inter-jurisdictional working group with transport agency representatives from South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The draft stagey focuses on the challenges and opportunities of all modes of freight and passenger transport and covers the key transport priority areas of, Infrastructure, Services and Regulation.

Read the BIC feedback on the draft National Remote and Regional Transport Strategy. In which the Industry expresses its concerns over the quite light on action items, particularly in relation to public transport.

BIC Submission National Remote and Regional Transport Strategy BIC Submission National Remote and Regional Transport Strategy (536 KB)

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

The bus industry continutally strives for professionalism in the way it conducts its business. A key element of our industry professionalism is adapting to the regulatory frameworks developed by Government.

The BIC continually works with the Commonwealth and State Governments to identify effieciencies in transport regulation that may be of benefit to the industry and community.

The BIC welcomes the development of a National Heavy Regulator (NHVR) and through it the development of a  National Heavy Vehicle Law.

The BIC has established a Bus Industry Taskforce within the NHVR to ensure that the bus industry is treated as a seperate entity within the National Heavy Vehicle Law.

This taksforce aims to identify the different nature of the bus industry's passenger task and how this can be addressed in regulation.

Read the BIC submission to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator 

BIC Submission to NHVR BIC Submission to NHVR (171 KB)



The Bus Industry Confederation has advocated since 2003 for the establishment of a national accreditation regime for bus and coaches. The accreditation requirements would involve jurisdictions and industry agreeing national minimum standards for bus and coaches and mutually recognising these standards.

Read the BIC overview of a National Accreditation Scheme here

Accreditation Overview Accreditation Overview (46 KB)



The National Transport Commission

The BIC was established in 2000 and has worked closely with the National Transport Commission (NTC) in the development of regulations governing vehicle design and industry safety.

Recently the BIC has been working with the NTC in the development of a National Transport Strategy framework and the Smart Transport for a Growing Nation project to ensure bus public transport is at the forefront of a national Moving People strategy.

Read the BIC submission to the NTC Review in 2009

NTC Review Submission NTC Review Submission (53 KB)

Read the NTC's Smart Transport for a Growing Nation Paper 

NTC Smart Transport for a Growing Nation NTC Smart Transport for a Growing Nation (3692 KB)

Accessible Transport Standards

The Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and the requirements under the Disability Standards for Acessible Transport (2002) are an ongoing challenge for the bus industry in meeting compliance requirements and the BIC in lobbying on the industry's behalf.

Since our establishment in Canberra the BIC has been a major player in representing the passenger transport sector's views at a policy making level and making sure the views of bus operators get heard.

Submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Inquiry into “The need for regulation of mobility devices, also known as motorised wheelchairs” Mobility Devices and travel on Buses and Coaches

Submission_Mobility_Devices_2018_Mar Submission_Mobility_Devices_2018_Mar (494 KB)

Read the BIC's submission to the Third Five Year Review of the Disability Standards

Submission_3rd_5_Year_Review_ATS Submission_3rd_5_Year_Review_ATS (658 KB)

Read the BIC's submission to the Second Five Year Review of the Disability Standards

DDA Second Review Submission DDA Second Review Submission (498 KB)

DDA Second Review Summary DDA Second Review Summary (50 KB)


Australian Apprenticeships Schemes

On 2 August the Federal Government made changes to the Australian Apprenticeships Incentive Scheme. These changes mean that effective 3 August 2013 funding previously available for Certificate lll Driver Operations (Bus) for existing employees is no longer available. The funding will be available only to new employees (employed for 3 moths or less).

The BIC is in discussions to see what options Industry has to have this funding reinstated and have bus driving recognised on the National Skills Need List (NSNL). BIC is also seeking the Coalitions position on this as things may change after the 2013 election.

BIC is interested in any feedback from operators in relation to the impact this change might have on your decision to provide higher level driver training. Please send feedback to

Apprenticeships_Scheme_Q&A_Changes_in_2013 Apprenticeships_Scheme_Q&A_Changes_in_2013 (207 KB)


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