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BIC National Conference - Hobart Nov 12 to 15

The 2016 National Conference in Perth, took an in-depth look at public transport futures technology - ride-sourcing, uber, shaping consumer use of transport and emerging trends.

The 2017 National Conference took this conversation further and focussed specifically on Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and the role of buses and coaches in the ever competitive door-to-door public mobility chain. MaaS is well documented as an emerging global megatrend which means the Australian bus and coach industry need to be organised and participate in the design of the role and place of buses and coaches for the mobility future; a future where the consumer can have multiple choices for their whole-of-journey experience. We believe that Bus has a role to play in the delivery of future mass and social transit services and can also have a role in delivering on demand, “last mile” and other ride sharing and emerging innovative and intelligent mobility services.

Our message to all governments is that bus, can in fact be the cornerstone of future passenger transport with its expertise, assets and understanding of the task. It is our belief that the bus industry working closely with governments could path the way to deliver fully integrated passenger mobility services for the future.

2017 Conference Presentations


Future Mobility - Opportunity or Hype


What is MaaS?

Andrew Somers, Director - MaaS Australia
In his presentation, Andrew Somers provides examples to demonstrate the bottom-line of MaaS - what it is - what would motivate a driver to sell the car and go for "freedom of mobility" - what are the commercial opportunities?

Next Generation of Public Transport and MaaS - Shaping Future Transport

Susan Harris, Chief Executive Officer - Intelligent Transport Systems Australia
Susan Harris provides an overview of intelligent transport systems currently in operation around Australia and explores the success factors and next steps for Australia in dealing with "transport interruption".

Future Mobility - where is NSW going?

Bryan Willey, Director Road Transport Strategy - Transport for NSW
Bryan lays out the NSW government view of future mobility with a high degree of focus being placed on the Customer and how government can be the enabler for MaaS. Bryan also provided an overview of NSW's Future Transport Plan 2056.

Is Mobility as a Service a Fraud?

Graham McCabe, Principal Traffic and Transport Planning - GHD Consultants
In his presentation to delegates, Graham questions if MaaS is really just an auto-topia disney-land ride where "providers" such as Uber has no interest in providing a service to the entire community. Rather it is about getting as many people using their services as often as possible. He raises a number of social issues including that MaaS is a privilege and only available to those who can afford to pay. This is a thought-provoking presentation on whether the societal benefits are there in the MaaS world.

Shared autonomous travel futures; the end or the making of the bus

Professor Graham Currie - Professor of Public Transport, Director, Public Transport Research Group, Monash University
Prof Currie's address to delegates was a perfect follow-on from previous presenter from GHD. In Prof Currie's opening statement, he declares his fury at the MaaS debate and that he would be happy to have delegates also feeling that fury by the end of his presentation. This is another engaging and thoughtful address to delegates on autonomous vehicles, shared mobility and "new mobility". Currie debunks it all and puts the "e" back in e-motion and tells why PT is still the most efficient form of shared mobility.

Future Scenarios and Government Perspectives


MaaS and the role of government

David Anderson, Chairman and Commissioner - National Transport Commission and Michelle Hendy, Chief Planning Officer - National Transport Commission
The National Transport Commission puts forward their interpretation and definition of MaaS, looking at the Customer and their requirements for mobility service, the design of service offering and the transport operator assets and services.

The Role of Data for Government in Future Transport

Philippa Power, Division Head, Policy and Research Division - Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
In her presentation to delegates, Philippa provides an overview of current undertakings by the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, and their development of a national infrastructure data collection and dissemination plan to enhance government's decision making process in identifying where transport infrastructure needs to happen.

Future Scenarios and Navigating Uncertainty - The Greater Toronto Regional Plan  

Michael Roschlau, Past President - Canadian Urban Transit Association
Michael as always, provided an astute presentation on how we might navigate these times of "uncertainty" - with our lifestyles, our work, our business models all likely to be disrupted.....but perhaps this disruptive technology is in fact the key to our future. Michael provides insight into the development of the regional plan for the Greater Toronto area in an era of uncertainty.
Michael wanted to give delegates the following links to Metrolinx reports:
WSP Scenario Planning report – Navigating Uncertainty
Metrolinx Draft 2014 Toronto Transport Plan

Connecting Brisbane –Transforming the public transport system

Matthew Longland, Deputy Director-General Department of Transport and Main Roads
Matthew provides a comprehensive update on the integrated network plan currently underway in Queensland, specifically in Brisbane. Matthew also touches on the "green field" areas of Brisbane and mobility access to Brisbane where the bulk of employment is expected to be over the decades to come. It is clear that the current government's priority is to continue to focus on providing mass transit services and developing complementary services such as on demand.

On Demand Transport – Where it fits in the NSW Public Transport Mix

John Karaboulis, Executive Director, Service Delivery & Asset Management Infrastructure & Services, Transport for NSW
John gave a candid overview of the challenges and issues in the PT network that TfNSW are currently addressing - the provision of PT that is currently or will be effected by advancements in technology, data availability and smart phone apps, the emergence of new entrants (Uber, Bridg) and the challenges of increased population growth, congestion and over-crowding on the existing PT network. The first step was to throw it open to the market in November 2016 to come up with an end to end solution. 66 proposals were received from 43 proponents which resulted in 8 pilots being announced on 16 August 2017 (with more to come).

NHVR Update

Sal Petroccitto, CEO - National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
Sal gave a comprehensive update on NHVR current programs including:
  • Round 3 of the Heavy Vehicle Safety Iniative
  • National services transition across the states
  • National camera network
  • Review of 2 axle mass limits
  • Electronic work diaries

National and International Perspectives


New Mobility:A Canadian Perspective | Recent Trends and Challenges

Michael Roschlau, Past President - Canadian Urban Transit Association

Michael opens his presentation with a brief history of CUTA and why it decided to make the transition from being an association for traditional PT modes to being an association representing integrated urban mobility - like buses, pedestrian facilities, ride sharing, cycling and so on. CUTA has progressed a significant way down the track in its urban mobility thinking, but Michael warns that there is an urgent need for cultural change in how government views its role in mobility and how it engages with external stakeholders and for transit systems, it means moving from their traditional role as train and bus operators into a new role as mobility managers and enablers.

Michael has provided the following Papers:
New Mobility Report
CUTA Integrated Mobility Toolbox


Buses as a Service - An international perspective, London, Singapore and Australia.

Clint Feuerdherdt, BECom BCom (Hons), Group CEO, Transit Systems Group

Clint opens with the often made assumption that a convenient and efficient movement network in the city is going to create productive and efficient cities. Clint gives a stunning example of the largest industrial estate in the Southern hemisphere (western Sydney), with 20,000 people working in the estate - all without PT access. Putting transport in the right location unlocks opportunity, not unlike Uber whose 60% of trips began in "public transport deserts". Clint provides the answer to why our patronage is currently falling, eventhough our cities are getting bigger in population. In his presentation, Clint provides some bus business ideas for providing your "buses as a service".

Panel of Experts discuss the question "Is a nationally integrated transport offering possible in Australia"


Bus and Future Intelligent Mobility


In 2036, what is ‘a bus’? (Re)designing streets and services for new technologies to meet changing needs

Neill Miller, Manager Urban Road Planning - Transport for NSW
Neill provides a comprehensive overview on the use of existing road infrastructure for its bus customers under the newly released Future Transport 2056 plan. Embracing 6 key themes from the report, Neill demonstrates how TfNSW intends to deliver the roads, infrastructure and operational planning to meet future PT needs. The 6 key themes of the Future Transport 2056 plan are:
  • Customer focus
  • Successful places
  • Growing the economy
  • Safety and performance
  • Accessible services
  • Sustainability

Demand Response - How cities around the world have responded to this global phenomenon

Mel Pecen, Managing Director ANZ - Trapeze Group Asia Pacific
Mel describes Demand Response Transport as now being a world wide phenomenon due to its ability to cater to social inclusivity and accessibility, its efficiency while meeting passenger expectations and its ecological benefits in reducing emmissions and encouraging modal shifts. Mel presents to delegates successful DRT systems currently in place throughout North America and Europe.

Bus public transport and MaaS – Urban and Regional Solutions

Stephen Lucas, Managing Director - Buslink Queensland and Chairman - ConnectU Warrnambool
Stephen emphatically opened with the promise that he would not be talking about technology or making up new words for things that we have always done, instead opting to provide a practical hands-on overview of ConnectU, a project that coordinates a number of local businesses to provide a mobility service to a range of customers many with specific social or physical needs. ConnectU has 420 registered clients, 26 volunteer drivers doing an average 16 single trips per day.

Bus Contracts, Business Models and MaaS – What might they look like?

Yale Wong, Doctoral Candidate and Research Analyst - Insitute of Transport and Logistics Studies, The Business School, University of Sydney
Yale's present research is to market test MaaS with respect to demanders and suppliers. Yale's presentation to delegates is loaded with research and data to paint the picture on current technologies and trends, the opportunities and realities if urban efficiency is achieved and the business of MaaS - the bundles, budgets and brokers. Yale also provides some interesting survey results on end user preferences and operator interest.

Inspiring Future Workplaces

Q&A Panel on Industrial Relations

  • Grace Collier, Columnist - The Australian
  • Nikki Brouwers, Managing Director - The Interact Group
  • Ian MacDonald, National IR Manager - APTIA, Industrial Arm of the Bus Industry Confederation

Choosing the right tools today for passenger services tomorrow

Paul Gwyn, Managing Director - INIT Asia-Pacific
Paul presents to delegates communications technology in use today for those customers requiring special needs assistance on accessing the right public transport mode in the location required where infrastructure was also able to meet the needs of the disability. Paul provides an interesting insight into the thinking and development of passenger technology how it is delivered and how it is consumed.

Technology and Unified Communications – key in the future bus

Hamish Duff, Director - The Orion Network
Hamish provides an overview on the advancement of radio technology of driver to operations from its humble 2-way analogue devices to the now radio eco-system which includes smart cameras, GPS, driver navigation, telematics, passenger smart phone - the list is expansive! In his presentation to delegates, Hamish will present the technological opportunities inside the bus to provide communications to the driver, the passenger and the ops room.

On demand services – not a new solution just a new service

Juan Carbonell, Managing Director of RouteMatch Software for Australia and New Zealand
Juan believes that the future of transport is getting closer to your Customer through providing more personalised services and, with the advances in technology, providing the promise of mobility for all members of the public. Juan really energised the “mobility movement” in his presentation and put to delegates that MaaS is a more sophisticated flavour of Mobility on Demand. In his opinion a true MaaS service is created at the intersection of regulation and technology. It should also focus on the promise of transport equality for all Customers with door-to-door offerings. Juan challenged the industry to start looking at what new revenue opportunities exist in the world of shared end to end mobility starting with smaller vehicles and onto existing trunk network services. The key learnings presented at the end of Juan's address to delegates is well worth the look.

Industry Focus


The BIC Work Program - Key Priorities 2018-2019

Michael Apps, Executive Director - Bus Industry Confederation
Michael takes delegates through the extensive National Work Program for the bus and coach industry for the 2018-2019 calendar years - and it is BIG! This presentation and audio/visual is well worth the review for those who want to know about the research and policy agenda that BIC will be adopting for the next 2 years and also the big ticket issues in both the National and State arenas.

Chairman's Forum
BIC and State Association Presidents chew the fat - an open forum


2017 Conference Speakers


Conference Opening


Will Hodgman - Tasmania’s 45th Premier.
Born and educated in Hobart, Will graduated in Arts and Law at the University of Tasmania in 1993 and was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Tasmania in 1994. In 2002, Will was elected as a Liberal Member for Franklin in the Tasmanian House of Assembly and was appointed Deputy Leader of the Opposition. In March 2006, Will became Leader of the Liberal Party and the State Opposition. At the 2014 State Election, Will led the Liberal Party to Government, securing the largest majority for any Government since the 25 member Parliament was established in 1998. Will was sworn in as Tasmania's forty-fifth Premier on March 31st 2014 and is Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events, Sport and Recreation and Aboriginal Affairs.


Guest Speaker - Robyn Moore
Robyn Moore is regarded as one of Australia’s best and most in-demand speakers. For over 40 years she has been working in Education, Advertising and the Communication/Entertainment Industry. She has unique skills with “the Power of the Word” and her entertaining, inspiring and thought provoking presentations totally captivate her audiences at national and international conferences. Robyn literally “sells people back to themselves” so they recognise old habits and behaviours and take responsibility for choices, which create the outcomes they want in their lives both personally and professionally. Robyn’s presentations are quite often literally described as… “life changing”.

Future Mobility - Opportunity or Hype

Andrew Somers, Director - MaaS Australia
Andrew is a specialist consultant in network operations and ITS. He is a Director of both Transoptim and Mobility as a Service Australia. Transoptim assists clients to work with industry partners to reduce risk and improve benefit realisation from their transport network operation activities, particularly those that involve the application of technology.
Mobility as a Service provides the new freedom of mobility, with personalised access to the mobility you need. Mobility as a Service Australia (MaaS Australia) is here to help Australians gain earlier access to the benefits of MaaS.

Susan Harris, Chief Executive Officer - Intelligent Transport Systems Australia
As CEO of ITS Australia and a career focusing on transport strategy, Susan is ideally placed to translate the benefits that transport technology can deliver to business and the Australian community. Through the global network of ITS Associations, Susan has strong linkages with the international ITS community. Other affiliations include the Convenor of the Austroads CAV Industry Reference Group. Susan is also a member of the Victorian Ministerial Freight Reference Group, the National Transport Commission Industry Advisory Group, the Space Cross Sectoral Interest Group, and the 2026 Spatial Agenda Leadership Group.

Bryan Willey, Director Road Transport Strategy - Transport for NSW
Bryan is a Transport Planning and Infrastructure Director with 25 years of experience. His experience ranges from defining transport and infrastructure policy, strategic planning, project development through to implementation of multi-modal transport systems. Brian's project experience includes introducing bus priority, road network planning, performance measurement and multi-modal transport planning in London. Bryan has also advised on the development of mass transit systems and lead on the establishment of public transport and infrastructure projects - having experience in both the private and public sectors in Australia, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Bryan has most recently led on the delivery of the NSW Road Planning Framework and associated strategic performance outcomes, the review of road network congestion and reliability in Australia and New Zealand on behalf of Austroads and is currently leading the strategy and planning for an integrated land use and transport vision for Sydney and NSW for the next 40 years through ‘Future Transport’.  

Graham McCabe, Principal Traffic and Transport Planning - GHD Consultants
Graham is a Professional Engineer at GHD and has more than 20 years’ experience in traffic and transport planning and engineering. He has developed innovative solutions to improve the transport system including traffic signal design and optimisation, traffic modelling, bus network planning and design and walking and cycling. He has is currently designing a new bus system for Davao, the third largest city in the Philippines. He has presented at a variety of conferences on the integration of self driving vehicles and Mobility as a Service.

Professor Graham Currie - Professor of Public Transport, Director, Public Transport Research Group, Monash University
Professor Currie is a renowned international Public Transport research leader and policy advisor with over 30 years experience. He is founder and Director of the Public Transport Research Group at Monash University which in 2015 was identified as one of the top 3 research groups in the world by an independent European review of the field. In July 2016 Graham won the best research paper prize at the 14th World Conference on Transport Research in Shanghai, also winning the William W Millar prize for best research paper from the US Transportation Research Boards Annual Meeting in Washington DC. Professor Currie specialises in research on public transport markets, route and network design in transit, transit futures and social and economic benefits of urban transit.

Future Scenarios and Government Perspectives

David Anderson, Chairman and Commissioner - National Transport Commission
David commenced as the Chairman of the National Transport Commission on 1 January 2014. David is an independent consultant on transport and infrastructure issues and projects to private companies, Australian transport jurisdictions and to the Prime Minister and senior ministers of the Government of East Timor. His past roles include or have included: Chairman, Centre for Pavement Engineering Education; Chief Executive Officer of VicRoads; independent Chair of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s Performance Based Standards Review Panel; and expert panellist on rail safety and heavy vehicle policy.

Michelle Hendy, Chief Planning Officer - National Transport Commission
Michelle is responsible for leading the NTC’s Strategy, Monitoring and Review functions. Michelle works closely with NTC’s stakeholders to identify Australia’s current and emerging transport challenges and opportunities. This information is then used to develop an extended pipeline of national transport policy reforms to improve Australia’s transport productivity, safety, regulatory efficiency and environmental outcomes. Prior to joining the NTC, Michelle led multi-disciplinary and specialist teams to deliver organisational transformational change programs introducing new strategies, frameworks, operating models and processes. She has developed, implemented and evaluated public policy, strategy and plans, and managed complex portfolios, programs and projects. In particular, Michelle has been at the forefront of portfolio management within the Australian transport and roads sector. Michelle led key policy, strategy, program and project leadership advisory roles within the transport, finance, oil and gas, and education sectors for all levels of government and private companies in both Australia and the United Kingdom.
Philippa Power, Division Head, Policy and Research Division - Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
Philippa has been her current role since October 2013. In this role she has responsibility for the Department’s key research, evidence and analytical capability, including policy functions such as Land Transport Market Reform; Regional Economic Development and Strategic Policy; Regional Programs; Portfolio Coordination and the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics. The Division has a staffing complement of approximately 130 people and includes significant numbers of specialist and technical staff. Philippa is a career public servant. She has worked in a number of public sector departments, including AusAID and the Australian Customs Service and has experience in policy, regulatory, program management and corporate roles.

Michael Roschlau, Past President - Canadian Urban Transport Association
Michael is a strategic adviser in the field of public transit and urban mobility. His career has been dedicated to promoting efficient and effective public transit, most recently as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA). During his 29 years at CUTA, Michael became known as a strong advocate for public transit. Michael was instrumental in creating Transit Vision 2040 - a generational vision which has become a national blueprint for transit development in Canada. Whilst Michael was President & CEO of CUTA, government investment in Canadian public transit increased from $676 million to $4.3 billion annually. Since his retirement from CUTA in 2015, Michael has acted as strategic adviser to the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC), the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation and Grande West Transportation. He holds a PhD in transport geography from the Australian National University, as well as a Master of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto.

Matthew Longland, Deputy Director-General Department of Transport and Main Roads
Matthew has been a member of the department’s Executive Leadership Team for four years and was appointed as Deputy Director-General, TransLink Division in December 2016. He is responsible for leading Queensland’s integrated passenger transport system, including bus, train, ferry, trams, personalised transport, long distance coaches, school bus services and subsidised air services. In this role, Matthew works closely with more than 2,000 delivery partners to provide reliable, efficient and customer focussed services across the state. Matthew has led a range of functions across Transport and Main Roads and the former TransLink Transit Authority for the past 15 years, preceded by 2 years at the former Department of Local Government and Planning. Matthew also has experience working in the private sector locally and internationally.

John Karaboulis, Executive Director, Service Delivery & Asset Management Infrastructure & Services, Transport for NSW
John has a background in a civil engineering and business with 25 years experience in Project Management, Contract Management and Service Delivery in both private and public sector organisations. John commenced with Transport for NSW in late 2009 and he now heads up the Service Delivery & Asset Management branch of the Infrastructure & Services Division. John has led significant change in the delivery of transport in NSW including the biggest rail timetable change in a generation, the competitive tendering of metropolitan bus contracts, and the procurement of NSW Country Link Services, Fast ferry Services, Outer Metropolitan and Rural & Regional Bus contracts. Furthermore, John led the implementation of the Transport Officer and Police Transport Command model to combat fare evasion and improve customer security.

Sal Petroccitto, CEO - National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
Sal became Chief Executive of the NHVR in May 2014. Sal has led significant transformational change across the NHVR, working to ensure the Regulator has the right operational focus and capability to fulfill its remit under the Heavy Vehicle National Law.
Sal was previously the General Manager of the Roads, Rail and Ports System Management Division with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads where he was responsible for the development of key strategies and policies for the state's transport system and had overall coordination of the state's multi-modal freight policy agenda. He led significant reform agendas on behalf of the department across the transport portfolios. Sal has extensive experience across the private sector, state and local government, holding senior leadership roles in transport and logistics, transport planning, strategic planning and client service management.

National and International Perspectives

Laruent Kocher, Executive Vice President Marketing Innovation and Services - Keolis
Graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, Laurent Kocher began his career in 1989 at IBM France as a sales engineer for major clients in the public and health sectors. He also participated in the creation of the IBM Global Services division in Western Europe. He was then appointed Director of Operations of the Business Consulting and Systems Integration division before becoming Head of the Business Unit for Hosting and Transactional Solutions. In 2004, he was Head of the banking and insurance sectors within IBM Global Services. In March 2005, he joined the France Telecom Group to develop service activities for major French and International Companies. In 2009, he was named CIO of the France Telecom Group. He joined Orange France in 2010 as Senior Vice President for SoHo, SMEs and Entreprises markets. From October 2011 to May 2013, he was CEO for France at the Atos Group. In January 2014, he was appointed Executive Vice President for Marketing, Innovation and Services at Keolis.
Clint Feuerdherdt, BECom BCom (Hons), Group CEO, Transit Systems Group
Group CEO, Clint Feuerherdt, is responsible for leading the Transit Systems Group in its next generation of growth. In his time with Transit Systems, he has been responsible for leading winning bids in the bus division, taking the business to the United Kingdom and growing a substantial ferry business. Clint has previously held investment banking positions where he was regarded as a transport infrastructure expert. He has previously advised companies including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Xstrata and Virgin Group on corporate and transport infrastructure strategies. Clint graduated from the University of Queensland with an Honours Degree in Commerce and was awarded the University Medal. Drawing on executive level experience with some of Australia’s largest corporate entities, Clint ensures that Transit Systems maintains its position as one of Australia’s leading passenger transport providers.
René Lalande, Chief Executive Officer - Transdev Australasia
René joined Transdev Australasia as Chief Executive Officer in September 2016. As CEO, René oversees more than 5,800 Transdev employees that deliver multimodal public transport services across Australasia. Prior to joining Transdev, René was Managing Director at Bombardier Transportation Australia. René has nearly 35 years of experience in the public transport, automotive and aerospace industries, and has held numerous senior executive roles, including Vice President Operations at both Heroux Devtek and Spectra Premium Industries. René brings to Transdev a wealth of expertise having worked in both international and local markets, with previous projects in Canada and Mexico. René holds a bachelor degree in Applied Science and Mechanical Engineering from Sherbrooke University and post graduate studies in Software Engineering at École Polytechnique.
Peter Ferris, Chief Executive Officer and Director - Buslines Group
The Buslines Group is the largest Rural and Regional bus operator in NSW with 350 buses and nearly 500 employees. Commencing in 1977, Peter has over forty years’ experience in the bus industry having worked in both metropolitan and R&R bus operations. Peter commenced as an Apprentice Diesel Mechanic and holds a Masters of Transport Management (Syd Uni). He is currently a Board Member of Bus NSW and is a member of the BIC Executive Committee.

Special Address

Hon Anthony Albanese, Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development
Anthony grew up in public housing in the inner Sydney suburb of Camperdown and recognised early-on the need to fight for social justice and equal opportunity in Australia. Anthony has often said that he was raised with three great faiths: The Catholic Church, The South Sydney Football Club and Labor. This ethos is what led Anthony into joining the Australian Labor Party at the age of fifteen. While completing a Bachelor of Economics at the University of Sydney, Anthony started fighting for progressive change through his involvement with student politics. After graduating and working with the Commonwealth Bank, Anthony began working for former prisoner of war and legendary Whitlam and Hawke Government Minister, Tom Uren. In 1996 Anthony was elected as the Member for Grayndler in Sydney’s Inner West, where he has lived his entire life. Anthony continues to be a progressive Member of Parliament and is a passionate advocate for the environment, workers’ rights, refugees and equality for all members of the community, regardless of gender, race, age, sexuality or religion. He believes in opportunities for all through education and training, universal healthcare and the need for Government investment in local communities.

Bus and Future Intelligent Mobility

Mel Pecen, Managing Director ANZ - Trapeze Group Asia Pacific
Mel Pecen, Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand Mel is an experienced public transport professional, having spent 30 years in the bus industry and holding several executive positions with large Australian bus operators before joining Trapeze. He has extensive knowledge of the complexities experienced by bus companies and is skilled at solving these challenges through the use of technology to gain greater optimisation and efficiency. Mel leads Trapeze Group’s Australia and New Zealand business while contributing to the broader management and success of the company across the Asia Pacific region.

Stephen Lucas, Managing Director - Buslink Queensland and Chairman - ConnectU Warrnambool
Born in Warrnambool Victoria and educated at Geelong Grammar, Stephen is the third generation of his family to run buses. An Industry which he returned to in 1977 after 8 years National Service as a helicopter pilot. Since that time he has grown the business by a mixture of strategic purchases and improvements to service levels. A keen advocate of the efficient delivery of effective bus based public transport he is actively involved in Industry matters, is a life member of Bus Association Victoria and was the inaugural Chairman of the Bus Industry Confederation from 2001 to 2009. The BIC acts as the peak National body for the Bus Industry in Australia representing both suppliers and operators. Stephen is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. On a local level Stephen is an active member of a wide range of committees encompassing transport, aviation, sustainability and business support.

Yale Wong, Doctoral Candidate and Research Analyst - Insitute of Transport and Logistics Studies, The Business School, University of Sydney
Yale's present research is to market test mobility as a service (MaaS) with respect to demanders and suppliers, supervised by Professors David Hensher and Corinne Mulley. He holds the Busways Group and University of Sydney Business School Postgraduate Scholarship on Public Transport Systems. Yale has completed projects for the Bus Industry Confederation and Sustainable Business Australia, and recently concluded a three-month study visit to South Africa funded by the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations. He has worked previously in bus operations with experience in network planning and service development.

Inspiring Future Workplaces

Grace Collier, Columnist - The Australian
Grace spent her early years in the Labour movement, before she started her own industrial relations consulting business. Grace has written for other publications including the AFR, and contributed with specialist chapters in several books.

Ian MacDonald, National Industrial Relations Manager - Bus Industry Confederation
As the National Industrial Relations Manager for the BIC, Ian heads up the Australian Public Transport Industrial Association (APTIA), which is the industrial arm of BIC. Ian has been involved in the bus industry for over 20 years, with one of his earliest roles as a solicitor, as the Industrial Relations Manager for BusNSW. Ian has many years’ experience in industrial relations and now represents not only APTIA in the Fair Work Commission on National IR matters but also APTIA members, which includes State Association members, in unfair dismissal matters and preparations and lodgement of enterprise agreements. Ian is a member of the Australian Human Resources Institute and has a Bachelor of Laws and Certificate of Transport Management from Sydney University.

Paul Gwyn, Managing Director - INIT Asia-Pacific
Paul has Degrees in Electronic Engineering and Maths plus an MBA from the University of Sheffield and a Masters in International Business Strategy from ICG. He has over 40 years of experience in developing rugged mobile technologies – in both military and civilian applications. He was responsible for developing the Public Transport product portfolio at Tait Electronics (NZ) and has enjoyed global success with integrated voice and data products on a global basis. Paul was involved in developing world firsts in analogue and digital radio systems with high speed data polling specifically aimed at ITCS data systems. Paul is currently Chair the UITP Cyber Security working group who are developing UITP strategy and policies framework for their members.  

Hamish Duff, Director - The Orion Network
Hamish is the Managing Director of Mastercom and a founding Director of the Orion Network. Hamish is a specialist in wide-area radio networks and is passionate about transforming businesses through the application of digital mobile radio technology. With a career in communications spanning more than 30 years, Hamish is skilled in making the complex simple - engineering communication solutions to support the needs of all users - from the control room to the field. As President of the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA), Hamish is highly regarded for his technical competency and in 2009 was awarded an ARCIA technical excellence award.

Juan Carbonell, Managing Director of RouteMatch Software for Australia and New Zealand
Juan believes that the future of transport is getting closer to your Customer through providing more personalised services and, with the advances in technology, providing the promise of mobility for all members of the public. Juan’s career spans 15 years through a range of disciplines such as infrastructure development, business solutions, project management and IT service delivery. Over the last five years he has managed programs for large government initiatives across the transport sector. Prior to joining Routematch, Juan was a Program Manager for Sydney Motorway Corporation (WestConnex) and also helped to frame the TfNSW CTABS project, one of the largest demand response projects in Australia.

Guest Speaker

Geoff Knight
Geoff Knight is an extraordinary Kiwi with an extraordinary story - a rough diamond made good - from a rugged deep sea trawler-man and patch wearing member of the Highway 61 motorcycle gang, to becoming an international opera singer! Underneath the stage presence and operatic bravado is a remarkable story. Like the songs and arias he sings, Geoff’s journey from overweight and bullied schoolboy to the world of bikie gangs, to stuntman, actor, and accomplished performer is remarkable. Not only does this story drive a compelling onstage performance but it is the foundation for enthralling presentations. With experience in dramatic Film and TV productions and a voice of beauty and power, Geoff brings his story to life through speech and song and holds an audience spellbound with the incredible journey that is his life.


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  • Double tinted saloon windows, 4 x lockable hopper windows
  • Front and Rear School bus signs and flashing lights
  • Mobitec 16 x 140-8.7 Silver Series LED with ICU-602 controller
  • Polished alloy bull bar
  • Reversing Camera with colour monitor to dash
  • Thoreb 4 Camera CCTV
  • Electric Metagul mirrors mounted on Canon mirror arms
  • 19 Inch flip down LCD Television
  • Twin cross over electric windscreen blinds


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