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2016 BIC National Conference

Moving People > Shaping our Cities and Regions

The BIC held its Annual National Conference in Perth from November 6-9 2016 at the Rendezvous Hotel at Scarborough.

The theme was “Moving People – Shaping our Cities and Regions” A general consensus from the Conference is that mass transit will continue to be provided and buses will continue to have a major contribution to play where there are no railway routes. The conference provided a platform for discussion about the future of regional, rural and remote passenger transport. Challengers such as Uber only provide solutions for urban transport, and regional solutions do not yet exist. Governments will continue uphold their obligations that is the foundation for providing mass and social transit services.

Program highlights:

The BIC would like to acknowledge all delegates and their partners for taking time out of their businesses and away from family to attend this important national conference. The conference saw a total of 481 delegates and partners participating at the conference. It is great to have your ongoing support.

The BIC extends our thanks and sincere gratitude to our 2016 sponsors for helping us put on a great conference.

2016 BIC National Conference Presentations

Monday Plenary Morning

Conf 2016 Mon Presentation Nicole Spencer

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The Road Map for Land Transport Market Reform

Nicole Spencer, General Manager - Land Transport Market Reform, Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. In her presentation, Nicole looks at the inadequacies and sustainability issues of the current road use and funding model and what a market for road services might look like.

Conf 2016 Mon Presentation Anna Chau

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Australia's 15 year Infrastructure Plan - why we need it and what does it mean for the bus industry

Anna Chau, Executive Director of Project Advisory - Infrastructure Australia, provided delegates an insight into Australia's infrastructure plan and priority list to necessitate better planning, better decision-making and better value services for users and taxpayers. For bus business, Anna outlined that IA is committed to improving project selection, making better use of existing infrastructure and use of data along with network optimisation.
Public Transport Futures

Conf 2016 Mon Presentation Paul Retter

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How will we define public transport in 2040

Paul Retter, Chief Executive Officer, National Transport Commission, looked at how land transport should (or could) be regulated in 2040 and where the NTC is currently at with LTR 2040. The four key factors identified were:
  • automation
  • data availability and sharing
  • shared mobility
  • consumer demand for convenience and new services.

Conf 2016 Mon Presentation Tony Braxton-Smith                     

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The NSW Future Transport Technology Road Map

Tony Braxton-Smith, Deputy Secretary Customer Services – Transport for NSW, discusses the NSW Future Transport program along with the NSW Transport Technology Roadmap for 2017 onwards.

Conf 2016 Mon Presentation Michael Apps

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PT Futures - an industry perspective 
Michael Apps, Executive Director – Bus Industry Confederation. Michael discussed future transport - the vehicle, technology, ride sourcing and public transport and how these are all connected. Michael also asks the question - what will ride sourcing and autonomous vehicles have on government decision to subsidise PT fares.

Conf 2016 Mon Presentation Doran Barnes

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Ride-Sourcing and Public Transport

Doran Barnes, President - American Public Transport Association and Executive Director – Foothill Transit California, discussed US public transport, with particular focus on:
  • State of Public Transit in U.S. Today
  • Major Trends: Challenges & Opportunities
  • New Mobility Options:Ride-Sharing and Public Transit
Monday Plenary Afternoon
Public Transport Futures continued

Conf 2016 Mon Presentation Donna Wieland

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Shaping Consumer Use of Transport

Donna Wieland, General Manager Strategic Policy, Federal Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, provided delegates with her take on the importance of influencing traveller behaviour and current approaches being undertaken including an interesting look at "whim" in Helsinki which provides an all inclusive mobility service for the traveller. Donna also updated delegates on the current national policy and action plan for land transport technology as agreed by Ministers (TIC - Transport and Infrastructure Council).

Conf 2016 Mon Presentation Steve Kanowski

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Emerging Trends in Passenger Transport

Steve Kanowski, Department of Transport and Main Roads Brisbane, talked about the Queensland Government’s objectives for the community, the strategic challenges facing the transport system and Demand Responsive Transport.
The Federal and Local Government role in our Cities and how we move people

Conf 2016 Mon Presentation John Stanley

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Federal and local government roles in our cities and how we move people

Professor John Stanley, Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, Business School, The University of Sydney, discussed key land use transport requirements for how we move people in cities, what the roles of governments should be, citing that consultation and partnering across all 3 levels of government and with wider stakeholders is a fundamental requirement.

Conf 2016 Mon Presentation Paula Svarcas

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City Deals and Moving People

Paula Svarcas, Cities Division Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, provided an insight to the City Deals, the Smart Cities Plan and Urban Transport, Infrastructure and Technology.

Conf 2016 Mon Presentation Adrian Schrinner

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Brisbane: a special case

Cr Adrian Schrinner, Deputy Mayor Chairman, Public & Active Transport Committee - the City of Brisbane, discusses the city’s bus network, it’s services, the city’s contribution to mobility as well as the challenges of a Brisbane City Government bus operator.
Tuesday Plenary Morning
President's and Chairman's Forum

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This fireside chat from a panel representing Australia, USA and New Zealand provides fascinating insight into "how it works" in these areas of the globe. Delegates heard about operations and future transit, contractual and governance frameworks and industry representation.

Transforming Transit to meet future customer demand

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Wietske Smith

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Customer and Futures ‘Putting the customer at the centre of everything’

Wietske Smith, Department of Transport and Main Roads, gave delegates an overview of their customer value proposition and discussed their programs and initiatives currently in place and planned for to meet customer expectations.

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Phil Quenby

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The Evolution of SmartRider – More than a ticketing system

Phil Quenby, Ticketing Technical Specialist – Transperth, focused his presentation on the history of Fare payment methods and gave some interesting statistics on the Smartrider Card. Phil also talked about current world trends with contactless payments for travel.

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Walter Weber

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Big Data Analytics Transforming Public Transport

Walter Weber, Managing Director – NetBI. In his presentation to delegates, Walter shows how big data can be used to microscopically examine trip data to optimise transport and reduce costs, increase efficiencies by making sure the service being provided is the service that is needed.
PT Projects ON the GO - record investment across the national transforming our cities - what does it mean for bus and meeting future demand

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Mark Burgess

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Linking Modes to Transform the Perth Public Transport Network

Mark Burgess, CEO – Public Transport Authority Western Australia, gave delegates an insightful look at how the Public Transport Authority is transforming the public transport network in WA.

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Tony Braxton-Smith

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Transport for NSW Projects Update

Tony Braxton-Smith, Deputy Secretary Customer Services – Transport for NSW, discussed the Growth projections for 2011 – 2031. Tony also talked about future motorways for NSW, the Parramatta Light Rail and the need for a study of the Western Sydney Rail.

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Gavin Nicholls

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Cross River Rail, State Defining Project

Gavin Nicholls, Project Director Cross River Rail – Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, explains what the Cross River Rail is and how the increased rail network capacity provided by Cross River Rail has the potential to benefit the entire region, not just within the transport corridor.

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Jeroen Weimar

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Melbourne Metro, bus infrastructure and bus integration

Jeroen Weimar, CEO – Public Transport Victoria, presents the current major projects in Melbourne and information about Melbourne’s bus infrastructure and integration.        

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Duncan Edghill

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ACT Update: Bus and Light Rail

Duncan Edghill, Deputy Director-General – Transport Canberra. Duncan discusses Canberra’s public transport and the future rapid bus network.
Tuesday Plenary Afternoon
BIC Technical and Supplier Meeting

Conf 2016 Technical Meeting

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Steve Heanes, Vice Chairman of the BIC Council and Luke Hardy, National Technical Manager for the BIC, along with BIC Supplier Councillors, sat on a panel to present the current technical landscape covering 14 technical issues/development currently in play across Industry. Minutes to this meeting and supporting documents and materials will be made available prior to the scheduled Technical Summit being held in Canberra on Feburary 28th.

Bus service procurement, contracts and benchmarking PT delivery

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Darryl Mellish

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Bus Service Procurement Contracts Benchmarking PT Delivery

Darryl Mellish, Executive Director – BusNSW, provides an overview of NSW Bus Service Contracts, the evolution of contracts/procurement, value for money proposition and the recent reforms that have impacted the bus contract.

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Chris Lowe

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Valuing Bus Operator Corporate Social Responsibility in Procurement

Chris Lowe, Executive Director - Bus Association Victoria, examines what elements contribute to a value for money proposition in the bus contract and the "external" factors (economic, social, environmental) that drive a positive societal gain.

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Barry Kidd

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Bus Public Transport Procurement in NZ

Barry Kidd, CEO – Bus and Coach Association of New Zealand, talks about the Public Transport Operating Model and why there was a need to take a different approach. Barry also discusses PTOM’s objectives, NZ’s procurement approach under PTOM, the key performance indicators and he explains the way the PTOM has enabled a lot of positive change relatively quickly.
Regional and Remote Transport Services

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Simon Saunders

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Strategy – Passenger Transport

Simon Saunders, Executive Director Transport Services – Northern Territory Department of Transport, explains what their passenger transport strategy is, the key actions and what else is underway.

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Tim Woolerson

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WA regional and remote passenger services

Tim Woolerson, General Manager Transwa – Public Transport Authority WA, gives an overview of how Transwa provides public transport to regional Western Australia which includes the areas of operation, the different modes of transport plus the challenges that go along with it all.

Conf 2016 Tue Presentation Janet Stanley

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Local transport learning's from South Australia

Associate Professor Janet Stanley, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne, gave an overview of research on regional mobility and social inclusion over the last 15 years and outlined the work currently being undertaken in South Australia. Janet also looked at the possible directions that governments could undertake for improving regional mobility opportunities.

Wednesday Plenary Morning
Biz Better Together Forum - Facilitating flexible work - Enterprise Agreements and tailoring them to your business

Conf 2016 Wed Presentation Ian MacDonald

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Enterprise Agreements Tailored to your Business 
Ian MacDonald, National IR Manager – Bus Industry Confederation, provides delegates with a clear explanation of what an enterprise agreement is, why you should do an enterprise agreement, how to get started and he explains the compulsory and productivity terms.

Conf 2016 Wed Presentation Michael Kent

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Some Practical Suggestions for Enterprise Agreement Negotiations 
Michael Kent, General Counsel – Transit Systems, provides some observations and experiences when it comes to enterprise agreements. Michael also gives some simple handy tips for overcoming any obstacles that may arise.

Conf 2016 Wed Presentation Kylie Henningsen

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Enterprise Agreements - Life at Greyhound 
Kylie Henningsen, General Manager, Human Resources and Industrial Relations Greyhound Australia, explains the list of things you need to know prior to entering into an enterprise agreement.

Conf 2016 Wed Presentation Adelina La Vita

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Biz Better Together - working for our future 
Adelina La Vita, Business Engagement Manager, Biz Better Together Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Adelina gives an overview of what Biz Better Together does, explaining to delegates that the program focuses on seven topics related to workplace relations and is explored through a range of events, training, webinars, forums and through social media and online content.
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Nikki Brouwers
National Heavy Vehicle Regulator - a National Update

Conf 2016 Wed Presentation Tony Kursius

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National Heavy Vehicle Regulator National Update

Tony Kursius, Executive Director Regulatory Compliance – National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, provided a national update on the following:

  • NHVR Safety and assurance model
  • National Compliance Information System
  • Chain of Responsibility - The Five Pillars
  • Industry Codes of Practice
  • National Harmonisation
  • Reforms to axle mass limits
  • Productivity

2016 National Award Winners

The National Awards are an opportunity to recognise and reward excellence within every facet of our industry. There are many corporations in the Bus & Coach Industry that day after day, year after year, strive for excellence without compromise to deliver outstanding products and services.

The BIC congratulates all nominees and winners of the 2016 National Awards.

Outstanding Contribution
to the Industry

Sponsored by:

2016 Winner

Rhonda Renwick
Latrobe Valley Buslines

Environment and
Innovation Award

Sponsored by:

2016 Winner

Bustech - Transit Australia Group

Achiever Award

Sponsored by:

2016 Winner

Alex Balla
from Horizons West

Supplier of the
Year Award

Sponsored by:

2016 Winner

Steve Heanes
from IVECO Bus

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