#37 - January-February 2014

Welcome to the new bi-monthly bumper issue of the Smart Move newsletter where you can catch up on the latest news about the new European Citizens’ Mobility Forum that will be pushing EU leaders to keep to their commitments and double the use of buses and coaches in Europe, with urban mobility being a key concern for Europe's citizens. You can also read the latest from the USA, Kazakhstan and the UK on how buses are playing their part in creating a greener environment and learn why the Brazilian city of Curitiba has been voted third "Smartest City" in the world by Forbes magazine.

Onboard video is the new buzz for the European Parliament. They are looking for Smart Move operators who can help them showcase Europe’s film industry to international coach passengers – find out how you can get involved. We are also pleased to bring you the latest videos from Smart Move TV where Macklemore and Usain Bolt show us what they are made of. So dig in and enjoy!

- The Smart Move team


European Citizens Mobility Forum starts work to double the use of buses, coaches

12 February 2014

The European Citizens Mobility Forum, composed of all key political and business stakeholders, today held its first formal meeting with a view to propose new concrete actions to double the use and market share of buses, coaches and taxis in the EU by 2025.

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French Competition Authority to boost long distance coach travel

28 February 2014

Following a one year industry investigation, the French Competition Authority recently published a report highlighting that the creation of long distance coach lines could create between 10,000 and 16,000 jobs, with the advantage of complementing TGV travel at a much lower cost.

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Kazakhstan is making the Green Move

23 January 2014

The Kyzylorda public transport network in Kazakhstan is getting a major Green boost to buy 100 new eco-friendly buses with a USD 18 million investment from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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First 'emission free' buses hit London streets

01 January 2014

An exciting new era of emission free bus travel was unveiled in London recently as Transport for London (TfL) and bus operators began a trial of the UK capital’s first all-electric buses.

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Brazilian city of Curitiba, known for first-ever BRT system, is also a leader in sustainable mobility

26 January 2014

The Brazilian city of Curitiba, best known for building the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in the 1980s, is a well-known leader in sustainability with its model public transport network. It has been ranked third among the world’s “smartest cities” and will be featured as the guest of honour at the next European Mobility Exhibition in Paris from 10-12 June.

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Urban mobility an issue for Europeans

15 January 2014

4 in 10 Europeans experience problems with urban mobility according to a new European Commission survey. Air pollution, congestion and travel costs are among the biggest mobility issues for EU citizens.

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Meet the winners of the ABA "Green Operator Award" 2014

10 January 2014

Smart Move Partner, the American Bus Association, has announced the winners of the 2014 Green Operator Award with two leading American operators being honoured.

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Smart Move welcomes new Greek Partner OFAE

28 January 2014

The Smart Move team is pleased to welcome on board the Hellenic Federation of International Road Transport (OFAE), which will join the more than 100 Smart Move Partners, to promote safe, user-friendly, green, efficient and affordable bus and coach transport services in Greece.

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European Parliament seeking long distance coach operators for film prize trial

24 February 2014

The European Parliament is looking for long distance coach operators interested in promoting their services while showcasing the film entrant of this year’s LUX Film Prize.

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Macklemore gives bus passengers unforgettable ride

"Buses are a democracy that works", says Mayor of Bogota

Bus Rapid Transit – the social, economic and environmental benefit

Buenos Aires bus vs. Fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt. See who wins!

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Fun 8-bit video teaches kids about road safety
by bus

15 January 2014

Smart Move Partner, French passenger transport association FNTV, has launched Operation Sécuricar, a campaign to teach youth about road safety by bus through a fun video and instructional booklet.

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Busworld Turkey 2014 Biggest gathering of bus and coach industries in Turkey!

24-27 April 2014

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Busworld Eastern Europe 2014

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22-24 October 2014

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Busworld Latin America - Colombia 2014

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04-06 December 2014

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