#26 - December 2012

This last year has been particularly fruitful with the EU Smart Move High Level Group and we are looking forward to its policy and business recommendations and best practices for effectively doubling collective passenger transport by bus and coach, which will be delivered on 21 February 2013 in Brussels.

As we count down the final days left in 2012, let us now prepare for a bright future ahead; a future where more and more countries order trolleybuses like Austria, a future where long distance coaches offer more for less like in North America, a future where demand for buses increases as in India or where job seekers are offered free bus travel like in the UK. So wherever you are, make a Smart Resolution for 2013 to share bus and coach advantages and convince those around you to make the Smart Move, by choosing buses and coaches as the safe, efficient, green, affordable and user-friendly mode of transport.

Best wishes and have a Happy Smart Year 2013!

- The Smart Move team


EU Smart Move HLG outlines recommendations for smart urban mobility

EU public-private Smart Move High Level Group outlines recommendations to double the use of buses, coaches and taxis at final working meeting.

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Cars are 3x more expensive than bus and cost EU taxpayers 1,600 EUR per year

A French report shows what we already knew – that car use is three times more expensive than public transport. A new study was also published this month from the University of Dresden showing that car use has hidden costs of EUR 1,600 for each vehicle every year.
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Free UK bus travel for jobseekers in January 2013

A partnership between bus operators and the UK state employment agency offers free bus travel to job seekers across areas in England, Scotland and Wales in January 2013.
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Salzburg, Austria, continues to lead by example and orders more electric trolleybuses for its urban transport system, bringing its total to 65 by 2017.

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UNWTO launches 'One billion tourists: One billion opportunities' campaign

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has launched a new campaign to encourage sustainable tourism as the world gets set to see the one billionth tourist this month.
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North American long distance coaches offer more for less

Long distance coach travel in America is engrained in the national culture, but a new website and new coach services are making the experience even more affordable and more convenient.
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Strong demand for buses in India

India is the second largest market in the world for buses and coaches, second only to China, with an annnual demand for buses and coaches of twice that of all Western Europe.

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Bus and coach are the safest mode of transport

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Eurolines France has taken the smart route and introduced a CO2 calculator that lets customers compare CO2 emissions for their journey using different modes of travel.

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Busworld India

The next edition of Busworld India will take place in Mumbai from 1-3 February 2013.

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