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Moving Australia 2030 Launch Speeches


Hon Minister Albanese officially launches the Moving Australia 2030 - A Transport Plan for a Productive and Active Australia, on March 13 2013 in Canberra, at the Bus Industry Confederation Annual Industry Dinner.  Albanese congratulates the 8 organisational Taskforce for producing such a critical report on public and active transport and our Australian cities.

Albanese speaks frankly about car use, freight corridors and active transport options. Albanese acknowledges that a full bus can take 40 cars off the road and a full passenger train removes 500 cars. Albanese also commends one of the key recommendations out of the report, that State and Territory Governments should follow the National Land Freight Strategy, with their own complementary strategies.

Senator Lee Rhiannon (Senator for NSW) having read the report reflects on how closely the recommendations and vision of liveable cities in the report are aligned with the policy platforms of the Greens.  In looking forward to what is possible to achieve our liveable cities, Rhiannon looks back at the past and the commendable efforts of the current Government and its Major Cities Unit in closing the gap with the backlog of infrastructure projects. Rhiannon also reinforces that if the Greens were in control of the purse strings, they would would make transport the priority of Government  because so much flows from it.

Wayne Patch Chairman of the Bus Industry Confederation acknowledges that Albanese and his Government have done more for public and active transport than any other Australian Government.  Patch says that management of our cities and regions in terms of population growth, ageing population, traffic congestion, environmental challenges and liveability covers such a diverse range of portfolios that it requires a specific Minister to lead the national agenda on how our cities and regions are planned.

Michael Apps Executive Director of the Bus Industry Confederation highlights that moving people, transport and accessibility to our cities, regions, "our knowledge centres" is a critical issue in the lead up to the Federal Election - made evident by the convergence of Gillard and Abbott in Rooty Hill in previous weeks. 

Dr Rob Grenfell of the Heart Foundation examines the close relationship between public and active transport and health and casts his eye towards obesity as the leading preventable disease in Australia now outranks smoking.


Moving Australia 2030 - Albanese Speech Transcript Moving Australia 2030 - Albanese Speech Transcript (20 KB)

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Moving Australia 2030 Media Capture


Michael Apps of the Bus Industry Confederation speaks with Steve Cannane of The Drum about the challenges facing our Australian cities and major regional centres and the ideas and policy that should be taken up by governments to help address the issues of traffic congestion, transport emissions and climate changes and social exclusion

Neil Mitchel of 3AW Radio Melbourne, speaks with Michael Apps of the Bus Industry Confedertion about capital cities in crises with traffic congestion which will cost the Australian economy $20 billion by the year 2020. Capital cities in crises that show in school holiday periods, there are 6,800 less cars on the Westgate in Melbourne and 6,400 less cars on the Monash.

Michael Apps, Executive Director of the Bus Industry Confederation talks to 2UE about some of the breakthrough ideas of the Moving Australia 2030 report on how we might manage traffic congestion, such as staggered school hours.

Snapshot Moving Australia 2030 launch at BIC's Annual Industry Dinner

Minister Albanese takes on Active Travel with Stephen Hodge of the CPFHon Anthony Albanese launches Moving Australia 2030Roahn Greenalnd (Heart Foundation), David Williams (PIA), Neil Savery (PIA)Clive Wasserman (Fleetpro), Kevin Fielding (Hino), Colin Coy (Higer), Luke Hardy (BIC)
Lauran Huefner (SABus), Tony Kerr (Volgren), Geoff Lewis (TasBus), Shane Dewsbury (TasBus),Steve Heanes (Iveco), Michael Baulch (Kojonup Bus)James Lowe (McConnell Seats), Paul Hoffman (Express Coach), Guy Pex (Irizar)Julian Breheny (Major Cities), Keren McHattan (Firestorm), Mick Cory (Firestorm)
Anthony O'Donnell (QTK), Grant Simmonds (Mercedes)Tony Trobe (Inst. of Architects), Donna Wieland (Dept. Infr. & Tpt), Dorte Ekelund (Dept.Infr & Tpt)David Gargett (BTRE), Adam Joseph (Office of Bob Baldwin), Camden Gilchrist (TTF)Dr Rob Grenfell (Heart Foundation)

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